about me


My name is Diane Balbi. I live in the panhandle of Idaho, USA.  I have always loved creating things and in 2004 I was doing what I’ve been doing since I turned 40, trying to improve my health through diet and exercise! So at 5am while walking on my treadmill I was watching a craft show. She was interviewing a needle felting artist who made a needle felted “sock monkey”. I am always looking for new gifts to make my brother (who has a sock monkey collection) so this interested me. I spent the next couple of years looking in craft and sewing stores for this ‘needle felting stuff’ and no one had it. So I got serious and looked up needle felting. I bought a kit. The day I received my kit I stayed up until 1am completing it. I was hooked! Then I made my brother a needle felted sock monkey for his birthday. When he called to thank me for the cool gift in the back of his mind he was thinking of a way to tell me he preferred handmade gifts to store bought. When I told him I had found a new craft called needle felting he was overjoyed to have my first creation.

Since then I have shared my art, kits, classes and enthusiastic love of needle felting with family, friends and anyone who will listen. I have been creating my own kits and teaching classes since 2007.

If you are interested in me coming to your group please e-mail me @ diane@webeefelting.com